PARA Committees

PARA has four active committees at present:

PARA Board

Beautification Committee

Zoning and Bylaws Committee

Communication Committee

PARA Board members:

– Katherine Childs (newsletter)

– Frumie Diamond (green space and beautification)

– Ron Kleiman

– Paul MacLean (Chair)

– Donna McFarlane (secretary, Mirvish Village Task Group)

– Joan Reynolds (treasurer)

– Donald Scott (Communications: Newsletter, EBlasts and Website)

– Paul Unterman (Membership Coordinator)

– Kei Yano (Planet Palmerston)

– Angela Surdi (Councillor Mike Layton’s office)

Volunteer Committee members:

– James Choy (newsletter, eblasts, cycling)

– Tom Churchill (newsletter)

– Jennifer Deyell (Central Tech Facilities Management Team)

– Emerich Kaspar (zoning & bylaws)

– Doug Lowry (accountant)

– Fernanda Pisani (communications, newsletter design)

– Roy Sawyer (Mirvish Village Task Group)

– Leo Panitch  (Mirvish Village Task Group)

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Beautification Committee

This newly formed committee is looking at a number of neighbourhood issues such as the replenishment of the aging tree canopy that makes the area so attractive, fall planting of free backyard trees, and beautifying the west side of Bathurst St to create a more attractive eastern border of PARA’s area.  To volunteer or for more information, contact:

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Zoning and Bylaws Committee

This newly formed committee will be looking at nuisance issues such as zoning infractions around garbage in yards and driveways, extensive and protracted house renovations, rooming house neglect by absentee landlords, and abandoned properties. To volunteer or for more information, contact: bylaws&

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Communication Committee

The Communication Committee is responsible for creating the PARA newsletters, eblasts and website. The mission of the committee is to inform, educate and support our community on local issues, help develop a sense of belonging and enjoyment in a safe community, promote community betterment through active participation of residents and support the growth of PARA membership. Team members are Donald Scott, Fernanda Pisani and James Choy. To volunteer or for more information, contact:

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