Ministerial Zoning Orders and the Planning Act

Proposed implementation of provisions in the Planning Act that provide the Minister enhanced authority to address certain matters as part of a zoning order. ERO #019-2811, Comment ID 51168 We, the Board of the Palmerston Area Residents’ Association (PARA), oppose the proposed expansion of powers that the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing is seeking.

City Budget 2021

Senior services. Affordable Housing. Infrastructure repairs. Capital projects. Park maintenance. Traffic management. Revenue generation. Transit access. Community initiatives. Public Health. Each year Toronto’s budget process sifts through a large list of projects, supports and services; ever- increasing pandemic demands have made the 2021 planning session particularly challenging. The PARA Board has added its voice to

Neighbourhood Intensification

Click below to view PARA’s comments and concerns regarding the City’s review of neighbourhood intensification and zoning (PH 15.6), as sent to Councillor Mike Layton on July 15, 2020.

Objection to Bylaw Suspension

July 2020 Update: On June 29 and 30, 2020, Toronto City Council adopted the following: “City Council request the Government of Ontario to repeal Limitation 2 to Ontario Regulation 130/20 of the City of Toronto Act, returning the power to regulate construction noise to the City of Toronto.“ PARA’s objections to the Province over-riding the

Governance Submission

PARA participated in a City of Toronto Governance workshop to provide feedback regarding how the newly downsized city council hinders the ability of citizens to access the services of government. Although there was much to say about how a smaller council impacts Residents’ Associations and their collaborative work with city councillors, PARA was also concerned

Noise Bylaw Review

PARA made an extensive submission regarding the City’s request for input on existing noise bylaws. As aggregated noise levels can posed a health risk to all, the submission includes recommended decibel ratings for many if the activities about which PARA receives annual complaints. April 15, 2019  Mayor John Tory email Councillor Mike Layton (Ward

Bill 5 Opposition

MOTION OF PARA BOARD: Whereas the recent actions of the Ontario government to reduce drastically the size of Toronto City Council have been taken without consultation and will be detrimental to public participation in the local issues and opportunities that impact significantly the growth, development and quality of life in our city, PARA opposes Bill