Laneway Naming

 laneways south image
The Palmerston Area Residents’ Association (PARA) is helping the city of Toronto name the city owned lanes in the Palmerston Area. Laneway names not only honour our area’s history and former residents, it is also a critical tool for city services to identify locations requiring emergency support such as police and fire.  
Below is a list of the names and laneways that the jury approved.
Lane 1 Alan Borovoy
Lane 2 Beatrice minden
Lane 3 Joe Bertucci
Lane 4 Huggins Family
Lane 5 Morley Safer
Lane 6 Jewish Folk choir
Lane 7 Via Dei Giardini
Lane 8 lost river
Lane 9 Wayne and Shuster
Lane 10 sam richardson
Lane 11 Eliza Balmer