Winter 2019

Our Winter 2019 newsletter was delivered door-to-door early January 2020, featuring: Toronto as a Charter City; Planning for Development on College Street; PARA Laneway Dedication; and Pollinator Garden Grant.

Spring 2019

Topics covered in the Spring newsletter include: Civic governance; Green Committee clean-up; and native plant suggestions.

Fall/Winter 2018

College Street Developments, Mirvish Village, Marjorie Shu,Riviera Bakery, Laneways, Acorn Garden, Park Cleanup.

Spring 2018

In this issue we cover: Public Green Space; Planet Palmerston; Laneway Living; Paul Unterman; and the upcoming PARA Green Plan.

Fall 2017

In this issue, read about: Harbord Collegiate’s 125th; PARA Green Plan Town Hall; San Jose Hardware Retires; Laneway Naming Updates; Glorious Graffiti Garages.

Spring 2017

It’s been a busy time in our neighbourhood…

Fall/Winter 2016

And here we have…

Spring 2016

It’s AGM time…

Fall 2015

Westbank Development, Central Tech Milestone,The Postman, Niagara Boutique.

Spring 2015

Articles in this newsletter include…