Noise Log

Noise Log process:

The City of Toronto Municipal Licensing & Standards Division (MLS) and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) will respond to complaints about noise and other problems with bars only if they receive documented patterns of incidents. To help residents register complaints, PARA has set up an online noise log. Each time you experience a specific noise problem we encourage you to complete a noise log entry.

If immediate action is required, you should contact the police department.

The record from your log entry will go to: PARA, (where it will be entered into a database), City of Toronto 311 service (who will log and forward the complaint to the appropriate city department) and Councillor Mike Layton's office.

- Please indicate duration of disturbance
- Please indicate if possible whether disturbance is from inside a facility; a side, back or roof patio; some other private or public space
- DO NOT go out into the streets to verify source if you believe the crowds are a threat to your safety
- please indicate that you are making a best guess
- Please be concise