PARA made an extensive submission regarding the City’s request for input on existing noise bylaws. As aggregated noise levels can posed a health risk to all, the submission includes recommended decibel ratings for many if the activities about which PARA receives annual complaints.

April 15, 2019 

Mayor John Tory


Councillor Mike Layton (Ward 11, University Rosedale) 


Copied to councillor’s staff 

Heather Leger:

RE: EC3.6 Noise Bylaw Review – Proposed Amendments to Chapter 591

Palmerston Area Residents’ Association joins with other members of the Toronto Noise Coalition in urging City Council to defer adopting of the amended Noise Bylaw until such time as Toronto Public Health’s report on City Noise Management can be integrated into noise regulations. It seems only reasonable and logical that noise in our city be addressed in a holistic way to safeguard the health of residents and people who work in the entertainment and hospitality industries. Much like second hand-smoke, loud noise has ill effects to anyone in the proximity. 

Furthermore, new regulations must be enforceable. Those proposed in this amendment will be expensive and inefficient, sending MSL officers to measure noise from multiple places – points of reception instead of one – the source of the noise. Citizens must be able to make complaints and have them addressed in a timely, respectful manner that does not isolate them from their neighbours and their community. A general provision for healthy quiet between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am is essential. The benefit to the health of our city will be significant. 

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Maclean Chair, Palmerston Area Residents’ Association