Join us for a Jane's Walk
We need native trees, and they need us!
Led by Eric Davies (local forest ecologist) and hosted by PARA's Green Committee
Sunday May 7 2023
1:00 to 3:00pm
The walk will begin at Healey Willan Park (at Euclid Avenue & Ulster Street)
Join urban forestry expert Eric Davies for a walk and talk discussing the importance of our urban canopy – and in particular native trees. The walk will take place in the Palmerston Area neighbourhood, which is particularly known for its tree-lined streets, and mature canopy of trees.

This walk will discuss the important link between native trees and biodiversity, and provide practical tips on how each and everyone of us can play a part in protecting native trees in Toronto.

We will begin our walk at Healey Willan Park, which is home to many of the trees commonly found in Toronto. Participants will learn how to identify these common species and the characteristics that make a tree healthy (or unhealthy).

Next, we will visit Eric’s native tree nursery on Palmerston Boulevard where we’ll learn about his work to preserve native oak trees. 

Finally, we will visit one of the oldest living native Burr Oak trees in the city, which is older than Toronto itself. As we ground ourselves in its majestic presence, we will learn what can be done to protect individual trees, as well as native tree species.

Participants will also learn about adopting or fostering a locally grown native tree on their own property or in their neighbourhood.