Errands & Groceries with Anjali

Hi! I’m Anjali, one of your neighbours on Palmerston.

I wanted to get in touch given the current situation with Covid-19 and the instructions to stay at home, particularly for people at higher risk or with cold/flu symptoms. Several of us around the neighbourhood have created a “neighbourhood pod” to connect with our neighbours and offer support and encouragement! Your neighbours are happy to help if you need it – if you have kids, a chronic illness, or don’t feel comfortable going out for whatever reason. There are people willing to pick up groceries or medications, run errands – whatever helps.

You can email me at or call/text 647-218-9505. We have a Whatsapp group going that I’m happy to add you to if you like. It’s great to get to know neighbours and figure out how to organize, share needs, and support each other. Feel free to also pop out at 7pm to bang some pots and say hello to your neighbours!

The area this pod is “covering” is Palmerston to Bathurst, College to Bloor.