PARA is very pleased to announce that our new Guide to Navigating the Committee of Adjustment Process is now available! Click here to view it in your browser, or click the download button at the bottom of this page.

The guide shares best practices to help PARA residents respond to notices of proposed changes to properties. PARA’s goal is to help ‘level the playing field’ ─ to equip ordinary residents to make their views known to the Committee of Adjustment in an effective and fair-minded way.

What is the Committee of Adjustment?

When an owner wants to make changes to their property that do not  conform to local zoning bylaws, they can apply to the  Committee of Adjustment for permission to proceed. The Committee sends out notices informing neighbours that an application has been made. At a public hearing, it reviews the application and submissions of support or objection from neighbours. The decision is based on whether or not the proposed changes meet its four tests of acceptability. 

We welcome volunteers who are interested in becoming involved in planning issues affecting our area. Click here to fill out our contact form.