Fall 2017

In this issue, read about: Harbord Collegiate’s 125th; PARA Green Plan Town Hall; San Jose Hardware Retires; Laneway Naming Updates; Glorious Graffiti Garages.

Spring 2017

It’s been a busy time in our neighbourhood…

Fall/Winter 2016

And here we have…

Spring 2016

It’s AGM time…

Fall 2015

Westbank Development, Central Tech Milestone,The Postman, Niagara Boutique.

Spring 2015

Articles in this newsletter include…

Fall 2014

Post 2014 Elections, “Recollections of a Neighbourhood”, Central Tech Field Development, Porch Talks.

Spring 2014

Neighbourhood Vision, Palmerston Blvd. Traffic Study, Easter and Passover Celebrations in the Palmerston Area.

Fall 2013

And in this issue…

Spring 2013

Markham Street Shul, Randolph Academy Development,Allan Reynolds in memorium.