PARA’s Fall/2014  newsletter is available here.

PARA has completed its Development Vision statement following consultation with residents and reviewing survey results.  To read the statement click here or use the left side menu  to Vision.

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Neighbourhood Focus:

Mirvish Village Development survey results:

The results of the PARA sponsored Mirvish Village Development survey are available on our Vision page. Click here.

Vision page:

Please take a look at our Neighbourhood Development Vision page.  Click here or use the left side menu.

This page explains why we need vision and lets you read and provide comments on our vision statement.

CTS Dome Update:

September 2014 update

Controversy has again been stirred by interim school board trustee Briony Glassco who has supported the CTS Dome in a TDBS Newsletter.  Click Here to see the TDBS Newsletter.

To see a copy of the HVRA response to the TDSB Newsletter, click here.

To see a copy of the PARA EBlast of September 12, click here.  To see PARA’s response letter that was attached to the EBlast, click here.

March 26/2014 Committee of Adjustment decision 

PARA’s submission to the Committee of Adjustment in January, 2014 outlines our objections to the TDSB proposal. This C of A instructed the TDSB and Councillor Adam Vaughan to convene a working group to find a viable solution for the CTS field. Two PARA board members, Paul MacLean and Paul Unterman, were members of this working group. In our view, the working group did not address satisfactorily the issues in our submission, or other issues raised by HVRA. If anything, as we learned more about the scope of the TDSB proposal, we became more alarmed by the impact it would have on our  neighbourhood. We participated in the subsequent submissions to the C of A  in March, which denied the TDSB applications for minor variances.

March 26 2014 at the Committee of Adjustment, after hours of waiting, speaking, and debating, the committee voted to REJECT the proposal to change the variance of the field from “educational” to “private”.  The committee “refused on the grounds that it is not a minor variance and is not an appropriate used of the land.” said the Committee of Adjustment chair.

January 2014 – PARA opposes CTS dome

PARA has reluctantly decided to oppose the application of the TDSB to the Committee of Adjustment (C of A) to use the Central Technical School playing field for commercial use.  For full details on this decision please read our letter here.

Honest Ed Property Sale:

October 29/2013

Listen to PARA Board member Ian Scott being interviewed by Metro Morning’s Matt Galloway about the sale of the Honest Ed property.

Liquor license conditions created by PARA:

The recent advent of risk-based licensing by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) has made possible the creation of a series of conditions to be appended to liquor licenses that will continue to apply to subsequent operators.  PARA developed a list of conditions for ICI Restaurant (538 Manning Avenue).  That list of conditions which PARA initiated and built on has become the basis of all subsequent discussions with businesses applying for liquor licenses in the area.  For the full story “Liquor license conditions help businesses become good neighbours” please see the PARA Fall 2012 Newsletter“.

For the current template of conditions download PARA Alcohol License Conditions.