Is your household enthusiastic about caring for our planet and ready to take on an inspiring eco-challenge?

In 2015 a Zero Waste Program began in France to help 800 households reduce their waste. It was incredibly successful and popular – 70% of the households reduced their waste by at least 50%!

So we thought, why not do that in our local neighbourhoods?

We started the Zero Waste Pilot with the help of the Palmerston Area Residents Association and the Harbord Village Residents Association.

We hope you will want to participate. Here’s what we need:

  • Do you want to reduce your household waste? Sign up your household to be part of the pilot.
  • Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity that will enable you to engage with your neighbours and positively impact our planet? We need local connectors, and people with organizing experience!
  • Can you help us spread the word and keep in touch throughout the project? We need your communications and social media savvy!

If you are passionate about creating possibilities for a better future here on Planet Earth, Let’s work together!

Contact us at